King Paisley

Fitting Guide: Tailored Shirt


Because we take pride in every shirt we make. It's imperative it fits you perfectly and you feel great about your King Paisley. So we've created this fitting guide for all our tailored shirts. We make every order by hand after we've received the measurements. For our tailored range, we have the fabric in stock for limited periods only.

If you're after something extra special, or it's just the way you roll, we can take you through the whole process. From choosing fabric to guiding you through the measurements, take a look at our bespoke service.




Best bet is to find a shirt you own that you love the fit of and measure the following:


A = Waist measurement
 (the shortest width of the shirt)

B = Width measure
(the widest width of the shirt)

C = Back of neck to cuff

D = Nape to hem