King Paisley

Tailored Shirt: Fitting Guide

King Paisley Chest Size (inches)Garment Armpit to Armpit - Flat (Inches)To Fit Neck

How To Find Which Chest/Neck to order

The above table shows the relationship between your chest size, the finished garment armpit to armpit (chest) measurement and your neck size (the garments neck is usually around 1/2" bigger than the neck to allow for movement).

To ascertain which King Paisley chest size to choose, simply lay your favourite shirt flat and measure from Armpit to Armpit. Then choose the related 'King Paisley Chest Size' and pop it into the order. Example: If your garment measures 23" look to the left column and enter 42" into the order form.

If your garment falls between the figures, for example 23.5", then choose the higher chest size (44") for a looser fit or the lower chest Size (42") for a neater fit.


What if your Neck differs from the matching chest size?

This isn't a problem but there will be a slight increase in size for the first time you order. Why is this? The reason is that I'll need to make a new pattern block specific to your measurements. The good news is though that once this is made up I'll save your personal pattern block and it'll be back to the listed price - just give me a heads up the next time you order.

To get the ball rolling with the above please drop me a message for a quote.

Garment length.... may we make a suggestion?

Unless you are above/below the  average height range 30" from nape to hem is a good starting point. Rember that whilst a Kaftan has a flat Hem (the same all round) a shirt will be a coulpe of inches shorter at the front (as the majority of shirts have a longer tail than front).