King Paisley

We make the shirts that make you King Paisley

I knew nothing about shirt making but I knew how I wanted them to fit - So I decided I needed to do something about it. 

At first I adjusted them but that seemed like a lot of work for little satisfaction: so I decided to get hold of some fabric. I'd like to say that I took to it like a duck to water - but I can't. The process went something like this: Buy fabric; butcher fabric; buy more fabric, butcher more fabric. The local fabric shop loved me.... for about 3 years. 

But when you find something you love, you don't give up on it, do you?

Several years down the road, King Paisley has allowed me to show who I've always been. The whole art (and it is an art) drives me to distraction at times but it doesn't stop me from being fantastically proud of every shirt I make. I'll never claim to be the best (give it a few decades) but I'll have a damn good idea of what you're searching for because I've been searching for it too. 

Inspired by late 60's rebellion when the populous decided the Status Quo just wasn't enough, King Paisley is my invitation, nay, my war cry. Let every man nail his colours to the mast & see off all comers. The music, the culture, the fashion: King Paisley is a celebration of all that was born in that time of rebellion - it's all woven into the fabric.